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I want to obtain this patch: But I have no idea how to do this :/

Thanks in advance for your reply !

asked 16 Jan '14, 11:31

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You can download automated builds from . We're in the process of migrating from Subversion, which uses monotonically increasing revision numbers such as "43214", to Git, which uses commit hashes such as "62aef67". Automated version numbers currently use SVN notation but will use Git notation in the future.

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answered 16 Jan '14, 11:51

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Gerald Combs ♦♦
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Thanks for the sources but is the patch in automated builds ? I don't understand

(16 Jan '14, 11:58) Rofghl

In the context of bug 4814 (and in Wireshark development in general) "patch" means a change to the source code. Tyson and Chris attached several patches to the bug while working on the feature, such as this one:

Chris then checked that change into the code repository in revision 37039. The automated build system then attempted to create packages stamped "SVN-37039".

We don't do binary patching. If you want to modify a Wireshark executable you either download a new installer package or recompile the whole thing.

In any case this particular bug is over 2.5 years old. This feature should be present in the official 1.10 and 1.8 releases.

(16 Jan '14, 12:09) Gerald Combs ♦♦

Ok I understand now Thank you :) I'm not sure that this feature is present in official release I'm going to check this

(16 Jan '14, 12:14) Rofghl
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