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I am looking for a software that I can install on my PC, connect an Android device or iPhone to the PC, and the software will tell me what data is being transfered between the wireless device and the wireless carrier.

For instance an iPhone is connected and it will show the applications and packet trasfers between AT&T network and the device.

Or an Android connected to Verizon will show the applications and packet...

Will WireShark do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

asked 17 Mar '11, 08:59

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If you jailbreak your iphone or root the Android you'll be able to ssh into your phone and capture traffic. Interface towards the carrier network it's usually some sort of PPP connection from the OS to baseband processor. You can run tcpdump or tshark on such interface and either save it as pcap file on the phone or pump the data out via ssh session to be fed into wireshark directly.

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answered 17 Mar '11, 10:21

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Thank you! I appreciate the help!

(17 Mar '11, 13:56) ppercy

If you run tcpdump on the phone, use "-w" so that it writes out a pcap file and use "-s 0" so that it has a large snapshot length and doesn't cut off packets at 68 or 96 bytes. (I think one of the packages available for jailbroken iPhones includes tcpdump; I don't know of any package with *shark. I don't know whether there's a tcpdump-for-Android out there, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were; I doubt there's a *shark for Android.)

(17 Mar '11, 17:54) Guy Harris ♦♦
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