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  1. For my project I want Wireshark to directly start saving packets as I start it. I need packets in plain text file format ( 2. is there automatic exporting possible by doing any setting in wireshark ? ) How above two can be done .....

asked 16 Feb '14, 01:27

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You can't do that with Wireshark. That's what tshark is made for.

tshark -Vxnr input.pcap


tshark -nr input.pcap -T pdml

or even

tshark -nr input.pcap -T fields -e frame.number -e -e radiotap.radiotap.db_antsignal -e -e wlan.da -e ip.src -e ip.dst -E separator=; -E header=y

List of fields:

Then parse the output of tshark with whatever language you prefer (in your case probably Java).

HINT: If you run tshark/Wireshark continuously, you will eventually get into trouble, as both tools are not designed as long term, real time monitoring tools. For both the memory usage will increase steadily, as both store state information about several things (sessions, etc.), and never release that memory, until the process ends.

See also some lengthy discussion on this site, regarding tshark as a long term, real time monitoring solution and the problems that can arise.


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answered 16 Feb '14, 02:26

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