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Hi, i'm a newbie in wireshark. i have a ".pcap" file that contains a VoIP call. I wana know the network delay of this call for each packet. I can see the delay (the time taken by packets to reach the destination) but i wana plot this data on graph. does wireshark have capability to give me the graph? if NO, then what tool should i use? the graph may have time along x-axis and delay (in seconds or Milli seconds) along y-axis. i also wana see the packet losses in this call in graphical form. one thing u should keep in mind while answering is that i'm newbie, i don't have good command on wireshark filters or such.

asked 22 Feb '14, 12:03

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still no answer even after 5 days....... even if there is no answer to my question, someone may say its not possible with wireshark.......... or atleast guide me in the right direction........ some one plz help

(27 Feb '14, 10:11) Javeeria Jalil

Well I can take a shot, but I'm not sure I'm right. As far as I know, the exact graph you're looking for doesn't exist natively in Wireshark, at least in the sense that there's no such graph already created for you.

There are ways of seeing various stats for SIP-based calls. For example, clicking on the menu item 'Telephony->Voip Calls' brings up a dialog showing the various calls in the capture; if you select one of those calls and click the "Flow" button, it will show you another dialog with the timestamps on the left, and message flow in the mdidle (what is typically called a "ladder diagram" in the SIP world).

There is also the "Statistics->IO Graph", which is very customizable. You could try playing with that to see if you can get what you want. But I don't think it will do what you want. It's really meant more as a way to graph packet rates/counts over time.

With regard to other tools - there are a LOT of SIP based analysis tools; most of them cost money. Otherwise, you could submit an enhancement request on bugzilla.

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answered 28 Feb '14, 11:06

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