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I work on a dissector which decode a UDP based protocol. For each UDP packets I have a moludp64 packet which can contain one or more message blocks. Each message block is encode in another protocol, and I will implement these others protocols. What is the best way to make this happen? Is it my moludp64 dissector which must be calling the others dissectors?

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asked 22 Mar '11, 03:23

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The best way is to create a subdissector table. This table can be indexed by a number or string, and can be used by you moludp64 dissector to call subdissectors. These subdissectors have to register themselves with this table, for a particular number or string in order to get called.

This is a basic de-multiplexing schema used at all (transport) protocol layers. For instance the same happens from the IP dissector to the UDP, TCP, SCTP dissector, based on protocol ID. And from TCP dissector to the HTTP, TELNET, FTP dissector, based on port number. Have a look at packet-udp.c for example.

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Thank you Jaap, it's very interresting.

(22 Mar '11, 16:33) chronidev
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