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A question for the moderators:

Have you ever considered limiting what the tags can be for questions? Like only letting the submitter use one or more tags from a pre-defined list? I don't know if OSQA can do that, but it might be helpful as there are hundreds of them it seems with numerous permutations, which seems to negate their usefulness.

Or maybe I'm not thinking about them the right way?

I feel like they should enable us to track/find topics we're interested in, and maybe even someday be able to subscribe for email notifications when a question is posted for a tag we're interested in (I don't know if OSQA can do that either).

Just a thought anyway.

asked 06 Mar '14, 10:04

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cmaynard ♦♦

Some time ago, I consolidated and retagged many questions, but it was too tedious. I don't know if it's possible to limit tags or not, and if so whether we'd really want to or not.

You can subscribe to interesting tags. You can also add tags to be ignored. On the main page, just look down along the right side of the screen for where to do this.

(06 Mar '14, 10:54) cmaynard ♦♦

Sweet - I didn't grok that "Interesting tags" subscribed one to them. I figured it was some karma/popularity thingy. :)

(06 Mar '14, 11:13) Hadriel

Instead of modifying the tag system, I would vote for a fix to the search function, which still does not work in a way that's useable.


The question is flagged as 'answered', however the problem is still not fixed.

See the search results for:

help please


please help

I guess if the search function would work better (more like google), some (a lot of) people would find the answer to recurring problems themselves.

(06 Mar '14, 13:10) Kurt Knochner ♦
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