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Hi, I just want to know how to measure delay & packetloss on HTTP & FTP packet? My friend told me to decode them first into RTP then the result would be in Telephony -> RTP -> Summary. But I couldn't find RTP when I going to decode the HTTP packet. So is there any simple way to do this? FYI, I'm a newbie on using wireshark :)


asked 06 Mar '14, 10:14

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RTP and HTTP/FTP are not related for several reason.

  • RTP uses UDP
  • HTTP/FTP both use TCP (that's the reason why you cannot 'decode as' a HTTP/FTP frame as RTP)
  • RTP is used to transmit 'real time' data like voice or video
  • HTTP/FTP are both used to transmit 'files' (web pages, documents, images, etc.)
  • You cannot use the RTP stream analysis (delay, jitter, packet loss) for HTTP/FTP because of the things listed above!

So, I guess your friend is mixing up things that are totally unrelated!

To return to your question: How to measure delay and packet loss of HTTP and FTP connections.

Regarding delay it's up to you to first define what exactly is delay for you in the context of HTTP/FTP.

Regarding packet loss go to

Analyze -> Expert Info

and look for Errors and Warnings. If there is packet loss, you will see

  • TCP Retransmission
  • etc.


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answered 06 Mar '14, 13:31

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Thanks for the answer kurt. What I mean about delay is a sum of time that a packet needed to across the network until destination

(06 Mar '14, 19:08) Aldindha

O.K. if you need that at packet level, select the tcp stream you are interested in, then select

Statistics -> TCP Stream Graph

and choose the graph that's most interesting for you.

See also the docs of Wireshark.

(07 Mar '14, 01:39) Kurt Knochner ♦
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