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Okay so attempting to configure this on FreeBSD 9.2, the config script checks for kb5, checks for the kb5 config file, and then I get this error:

  1. $ Kerberos library requires -lcrypto but --with-ssl not specified
  2. $ rm: *.core: invalid argument
  3. $ rm: core.conftest.*: invalid argument

I'm sort of new to UNIX so if someone can help me figure out how to configure Kerberos properly for this installation I'd really appreciate it. thanks, jim

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asked 08 Mar '14, 11:36

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edited 09 Mar '14, 15:26

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Guy Harris ♦♦

Hint: If you are (totally) rewriting your original question (including the title), you are kind of 'subverting' the purpose of this site. That way, nobody will be able to understand the given answers. Please don't do that. Thank you!

(09 Mar '14, 11:47) Kurt Knochner ♦

I've reverted to the original version of the question, and made the second question into a separate question.

(09 Mar '14, 15:24) Guy Harris ♦♦

$ Kerberos library requires -lcrypto but --with-ssl not specified

sounds like the error message tells you what to do. Add --with-ssl to the configure options (./configure --with-ssl --whatever-other-options-you-chose).


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answered 09 Mar '14, 03:51

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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edited 09 Mar '14, 23:02

In the trunk, I've changed the message to

Kerberos library requires -lcrypto, so you must specify --with-ssl

in the hope that it'll make it clearer what the solution to the problem is.

(09 Mar '14, 15:44) Guy Harris ♦♦
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