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In the nightly builds at, say for 64 bit Mac, you have these different entries:

Wireshark 1.11.3-1927-g2a92943 Intel 64.dmg 12-Mar-2014 10:18 35M

Wireshark 1.11.3-1928-g1ab950c Intel 64.dmg 12-Mar-2014 12:41 35M

Wireshark 1.11.3-1929-g7e7bf82 Intel 64.dmg 12-Mar-2014 13:41 35M

Wireshark 1.11.3-1930-gd89195d Intel 64.dmg 12-Mar-2014 14:50 35M

What's the difference among them? Does it matter which one we choose, or should we simply choose the latest one?

asked 12 Mar '14, 08:33

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I think whenever a developer checks in a code change the buildbots automatically build a new binary. So I usually chose the latest timestamp, which is the latest revision.

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answered 12 Mar '14, 08:42

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Jasper ♦♦
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There is an ongoing discussion on the dev list about adding meaning to the automated build subversion numbers after the changeover to git to allow users to determine if any particular automated build includes a specified bug fix. This was simple in the svn era (as was much else) as a bug fix was committed as r12345, so any build with a revision greater than 12345 had the fix.

This hasn't (yet) been sorted out for git though.

(12 Mar '14, 09:52) grahamb ♦

Apparently the 4 digits after the version number - i.e., the "1930" in "Wireshark 1.11.3-1930-gd89195d Intel 64.dmg" - represents the number of commits (ie, changes) for that version. So the higher that number is, within a version, the newer it is. (of course the date would tell you that too on that downloads page)

Note though that those 4 digits are only meaningful within the same version. "1930" in 1.11.3 is not the same as "1930" in 1.10.7 or 1.8.14.

It's like a build-version-number you sometimes see in other apps.

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answered 12 Mar '14, 10:19

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