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I am new to telecom domain

I am trying to encode and decode the ranap errorIndication message.

but the specification specifies that

Procedure Code is to be used if Criticality Diagnostics is part of Error Indication procedure, and not within the response message of the same procedure that caused the error.

So if I include the procedure code of the failing message in the errorIndication message.Then the wireshark shows the errorIndication as the SACK of the failed message.

So I want to know how we can include the procedure code of the failing message in the errorIndication so that Wireshark should treat the message correctly.

Thanks in Advance.

asked 17 Mar '14, 22:10

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Can you upload an example packet capture file for the scenario you're describing and post the link to it here ( )?

I think you might be misinterpreting the capture. If it's RANAP over SCTP, you may see a "SACK", but that's an acknowledgement at the SCTP layer, not the RANAP layer. For RANAP exchanges, transactions are mapped based on the SCCP 'local reference' numbers, where a different transaction between the two system should have different reference numbers. The same procedureCode value shouldn't be mapped to the same transaction at a RANAP level if the reference numbers are different.

(19 Mar '14, 14:30) Quadratic
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