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Using Windows 8.0, viewing a TCP capture, Edit->Find Packet->Find By String.

I enter a string, then attempt to select the "Packet bytes" radio button in "search in" but the selection remains on the default "packet list."

This works just fine in Win XP and WES 7.

asked 22 Mar '14, 08:13

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Do you mind to tell us your Wireshark version?

(22 Mar '14, 08:24) Kurt Knochner ♦

Wireshark 1.10.5. Upgraded to 1.10.6. Both 64-bit edition. 1.10.6 is actually a little different. I can't select the "string" radio button with the mouse; I have to use Alt-S. I can't select "Packet bytes" with the mouse but I can tab to it and select it with keyboard. I didn't try that with 1.10.5.

In general, the mouse focus seems "balky" on Windows 8.

(22 Mar '14, 09:48) Seitchik

did you install any modification to the Windows 8 GUI like "Classic Shell" or similar?

(22 Mar '14, 13:28) Kurt Knochner ♦

No, didn't install any shells.

(22 Mar '14, 14:51) Seitchik
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