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I have two IP address. 10.xx.xx.xx and 10.yy.yy.yy. I am running GDB Server on one and GDB client on the other. I want to capture the first 50 packets or so between them when they initially hand shake. I am having Wireshark 1.8.3. I am running it on a Windows system. I was hoping it would be as simple as

From IP: 10.xx,xx,xx

To IP: 10.yy.yy.yy.

Capture: 50 packets.

Hit the Start button

and when I start my GDB the packets should turn up. I played with it, Goggled it but no one gave a simple Click this Click this kind of suggestion. Could you please? Thanks in advance

asked 15 Apr '14, 15:54

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Do this:

  • When you first start Wireshark, click on the button in the far upper-left that says "List the available capture interfaces" when you scroll over it.
  • In the new "Capture Interfaces" window that opens, select the interface you want to capture packets (with the check box on the left-hand side) and click"Options".
  • In the Capture Options window, on the lower-left corner there should be a "Stop Capture Automatically After..." seciton. Check the "packets" option and put in a value of 50
  • In the same Capture Options window, in the text box to the right of "Capture Filter", type the statement (without quotes) "ip host 10.xx.xx.xx and ip host 10.yy.yy.yy".
  • Hit the Start button :)

One small thing to note - if the interface you're capturing is doing vlan tagging, replace the capture filter statement to "vlan and ip host 10.xx.xx.xx and ip host 10.yy.yy.yy" without quotes.


An even simpler solution is to just use one command line statement:

C:\Program Files\Wireshark\dumpcap.exe -c 50 -i {interface name or number} -w {wherever you want to save the packet capture file}

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answered 15 Apr '14, 16:52

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Worked like a charm!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot Quadratic!!

(15 Apr '14, 17:54) agvardha

& the command line option is even more awesome. Thank you again very much.

(15 Apr '14, 18:40) agvardha
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