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I was trying to capture the packet of RTP flow, but for every packet, i captured it twice, so the analyst in wireshark say "Suspected duplicate(MAC address) only delta time calculated". But when i captured it in another laptop, this problem is gone. I tried to read the source code of wireshark and found this code

else if (statinfo->flags & STAT_FLAG_DUP_PKT) {
    g_snprintf(status, sizeof(status), "Suspected duplicate(MAC address) only delta time calculated");

I still don't have any clue what is this about. Can anyone tell me? Thanks.



asked 23 Apr '14, 00:28

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i captured it twice, so the analyst in wireshark say

You should stop capturing the frames twice, as that's (probably) causing the problem. Something seems to be wrong with your capture setup. As you did not add any information about your setup, it's impossible to give any advice what could have caused this. Please add more details.


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answered 23 Apr '14, 11:58

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