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Unable to capture OUTGOING traffic on Windows7 x64


I've tested wireshark latest versions (now 1.10.6), even developement one. When I try to capture packets I can't see my own OUTGOING packets. There's no filter issues. No filter. Laptoc works fine (connection to internet, so on...) BUT OUTgoing packets from my @IP are not shown.

Any workaround?

asked 23 Apr '14, 01:54

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One Answer:


Please read the questions with the following tags:

outgoing or outbound

Usually the reason for this is some software on the capturing system (Enpoint Security, VPN, IPS, etc.) that prevents Wireshark from seeing outgoing/outbound packets. You'll find all the details in the other questions and answers.


answered 23 Apr '14, 11:47

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CORRECT. In our case, unchecking "Stonegate IPSec VPN driver" on NIC properties, issue was solved. Thanks.

(24 Apr '14, 04:00) CarlosDD


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