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Hi there,

I stuck at a point where I could do with some help of the experts :-) I'm currently writing a dissector for a proprietary protocol which includes h264 data as payload. The dissector for the proprietary protocol elements is working and now I would like to pass the payload to the h264 dissector which is part of wireshark.

Could someone give me a hint on how to manage this?

Thank you!

asked 30 Apr '14, 09:03

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the H.264 dissector can be retrieved thanks to the "h264" string. In your proto_reg_handoff() function, add the following code:

h264_handle = find_dissector("h264");

where h264_handle is defined as:

dissector_handle_t h264_handle;

Then in your code, call the H.264 dissector like this:

call_dissector(h264_handle, h264_tvb, pinfo, tree);

where h264_tvb is a tvb containing your H.264 payload.

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answered 01 May '14, 09:48

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Pascal Quantin
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thousand thanks for your very helpful answer. Your code works fine and it saved my a lot of time!

(02 May '14, 02:29) AndyHe

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(02 May '14, 03:06) grahamb ♦
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