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Hi All I am currently running Version 1.10.7 (v1.10.7-0-g6b931a1 from master-1.10)

I get a sudden random drop out on my network and there are no trails left on the logs of the cisco switches. I have had Cisco Tac have a look at this issue. Cant find anything. I have a 600mb pipe on the network.

I only seem to have these issues with games console that run a bespoke app.

I want to test this by have a dumb switch plugged in to the network port with a laptop running wire shark plugged in to it and a PlayStation plugged in to it too.

I want to know how I can sniff the port of the PS3 without having to configure span port on the switch

Many thanks

asked 08 May '14, 07:23

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I want to know how I can sniff the port of the PS3 without having to configure span port on the switch

You can't (easily). The whole reason for a switch is to segregate traffic to the ports appropriate for the traffic, so the traffic between the PS3 and the unnamed external entity will only appear on the switch ports those two items are connected to. See the wiki page on Ethernet Capture Setup for more info on how you can make the capture you want.

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answered 08 May '14, 07:45

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Thanks for the response. The link gives great examples, but is not really geared around to helping me with my issue.

So is it fair to say that there is no actual way with this method


(08 May '14, 08:00) jamessimo1980

Only by messing with ARP tables, but that introduces a whole lot of other issues.

Why can't you use a cheap switch that does spanning?

(08 May '14, 09:50) grahamb ♦

You could run it through a bridged dual-nic PC. Or like @grahamb said, get a fairly inexpensive port spanning/port mirroring switch.

(08 May '14, 22:10) Rooster_50
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