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Hi All,

I have a PC running Linux Mint 16 that connects to my Virgin Media supper "hub" via Ethernet cable - I have Wire shark installed and run gksudo wireshark via the command line to access the gui.

on the network are other devises all connected to the hub via WiFi...

I would like to be able to monitor my phone - Samsung S3 - to see what emails/websites and any thing else it looks at.

Is this set up possible to work?

I'm very new to the world of Linux -

Is there s a step by step guide for noobs?

asked 13 May '14, 04:55

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You say "hub" but it sounds more like you're describing a "router". Can you confirm the model number for this device? The difference between these two terms is very important for what you're trying to do.

If it is a typical wireless router, then no as it is right now you can't monitor everything the S3 is doing because the S3's traffic will go from the router to the Internet, and the router has no reason to send that traffic toward your wired computer.

If you want to capture the traffic from the S3, there are a few things you can do. One is to run wireshark on something that is connecting to your network via Wifi, and monitor all the radio messages on that network (including those of the S3). Another way is to connect to an actual hub that the S3's traffic is passing through, or a switch with "port mirroring" or "SPAN" configured to forward all the S3's traffic out to an interface that you are connected to and running wireshark off of.

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answered 13 May '14, 15:29

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Its the Virgin Media "Super Hub" called so as its a all in one - I believe the the model number is Netgear VMDG480

I'm a bit of a noob as i have been working with Windows for all of my life but only in the last month or so moved to Linux-

I'm looking for a easy set up where my pc connects to the hub via a Ethernet cabal and can see all the traffic from the S3. (the PC has NOT got a wireless card in it.)

I've looked long and hard at versus tutorials on how to set up Wire-shark and and they all seem to assume you know everything ells.... and this is where i fall down... I'm looking for a simple set up that may return packets that are easy to understand...


(14 May '14, 00:54) HexHunt
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