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what are the prerequisites to install wireshark on solaris 10

i am unable to run wireshark on solaris there are some missing packages . Please provide a list of prerequisites for wireshark installation on solaris 10


asked 15 May '14, 04:52

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Where did you get the Wireshark package? Chances are whoever provided the package also provides the necessary dependencies.

By far the easiest way to install a Wireshark package is to use one of the services which provide pre-built packages along with their dependencies such as OpenCSW.

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answered 15 May '14, 09:05

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JeffMorriss ♦
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hi jeff, Please can you be precise on what i have to install ? is openCSW a package ? as I see its a website the provides packages . Please I need a precise answer to procees the installaion

(16 May '14, 00:03) ahmad

Where did you get the Wireshark package you have now? Chances are whoever provided it also provides the dependencies required to install it.

OpenCSW is one place which provides free-software packages for Solaris (including Wireshark). They provide tools which make installation very easy. For example I think the command would be something like pkgadd wireshark (once you have followed their "getting started" directions which includes installing the pkgadd command).

I can't really provide you a list of required packages because the list varies depending on who is providing the packages. IIRC it takes something like 15-20 packages (most of which are Gtk+ and its dependencies).

(16 May '14, 08:49) JeffMorriss ♦

i got the package from sunfreeware

(18 May '14, 23:27) ahmad

Also OpenCSW doesn't provide me with the wire shark pkg , it directs me to links with no pkg found .

(18 May '14, 23:34) ahmad

I thought was dead. Oh, I guess not quite, it's now Hmmm, but it seems you have to pay to download packages from them so I'd suggest giving up on the package you have and go with OpenCSW instead. (The problem is that to install a package you'll probably need dependencies from and it seems you can't get them--easily anyway--any more.)

OpenCSW has a page for Wireshark but you can't download from there. Instead you have to follow their directions to install all of their stuff.

(19 May '14, 07:44) JeffMorriss ♦

i have the packages , but there is an error when i try to run wireshark :

' wireshark: fatal: version 'GNUTLS_1_4' not found (required by file /usr/local/lib/ wireshark: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory'

can you help ?

(21 May '14, 05:49) ahmad

That's very odd. All the packages are from openCSW or are you trying to use the sunfreeware Wireshark package? If all the packages are from openCSW then it would appear they've got a build dependency problem--I'd suggest raising the issue to them.

If you're still trying to use that sunfreeware Wireshark package then, as I said before, it probably won't work so I'd suggest you use 100% OpenCSW.

Oh, I guess one more idea: if you do ldd wireshark |grep libgnutls does it point to the libgnutls installed by OpenCSW (probably in /usr/local/lib/) or another one? If another one, you might try removing that other one to see if it then picks up the correct libgnutls.

(22 May '14, 07:50) JeffMorriss ♦
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