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I would like to know if an IPv4 adress have also configurated an IPv6 adress.. Can anyone explain me how can I do it? Thanks in advance.

asked 25 May '14, 03:07

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IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are two completely different things, so I'm not sure what you're trying to do. You can assign an IPv4 address to a network card, and one or many IPv6 addresses as well, if the network card is enabled for IPv6. So these addresses are assigned to network cards, not IPv6 to IPv4.

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answered 25 May '14, 03:15

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For example if I know that in my capture there are 4 IPV6 addresses (I know thanks of Statistics-Conversations) I would like to know if this addresses have also an IPv4 address of the same machine configurated. Sorry for my "stupid" questions, I hope you understand me. I'm new in wireshark.

(25 May '14, 03:41) meri

A host (or more specifically a network adaptor) can have multiple IP addresses of both IPv4 and IPv6 flavours.

So if your capture happens to cover the same host running both IPv4 & IPv6 conversations, then yes they will both show up.

(25 May '14, 03:49) grahamb ♦

if you want to match IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to the same host you may have a chance by identifying them through their Ethernet MAC address. Same MAC may mean same PC, but keep in mind that MAC addresses are only valid in the local network segment. As soon as a packet crosses a router you can't tell anymore, because all packets will have the router MAC.

And no worries about being new to Wireshark, just ask and if something is unclear we'll ask back until the question is clear ;-)

(25 May '14, 03:52) Jasper ♦♦
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