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Hi all,

I am trying to enhance wireshark for a protocol for a properitary information. I have installed everything according to developer guide and trying to verify tools.

I am getting an error config.nmake(935) : fatal error U1050: Can't find C:wireshark-win32-libsvcredi st_x86.exe. Have you downloaded it from Microsoft? See the developer's guide sec tion "C-Runtime "Redistributable" files" for details how to get it Stop.

I have installed redistributable vcredist_x86.exe SP1. What can be problem with this?

Any help will be appreciated.

Regards, D.A.Pandharkar

asked 05 Apr '11, 07:37

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Is vcredist_x86.exe still in your C:\wireshark-win32-libs\ folder?

(05 Apr '11, 09:10) multipleinte...

Hi, this may be a very silly question but do i have to compile for making this wireshark-win32-libs folder?? I am trying to verify tools first so have not build code.

(05 Apr '11, 13:14) dsprabhu4

So long as your build environment is prepared correctly, the libs directory should be handled automatically. Are you following the process outlined in the developer's guide at

(05 Apr '11, 13:53) multipleinte...

I am following this process step by step. so i want to verify tools. I am getting error about vcredist exe when i verify tools. Should i go ahead compile with this error so that lib folder will be created and i can copy this executable?

(05 Apr '11, 14:13) dsprabhu4

Thanks a lot, multipleinterfaces. I created this folder manually and copied -vcredist_x86exe. Then i was able to verify tool and compile wireshark code.

(06 Apr '11, 08:10) dsprabhu4

If I understand your situation correctly, then you will need to manually create the libs folder (should be C:\\wireshark-win32-libs-1.4 for Wireshark versions 1.4.x following the Developer's Guide) before running nmake, and vcredist_x86.exe needs to be present in the libs folder before attempting to build Wireshark.

Creating the libs folder and copying vcredist_x86.exe as recommended in should solve the problem.

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answered 05 Apr '11, 14:45

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