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Hi Community, I captured via a VMWare command the traffic from and to a virtual machine into a pcap file[#1]. Now I opened the pcap file in wireshark and tried to filter out the traffic belonging to the local network but no known filter works. I tried the filter expression listed on wireshark wiki but they failed with the error message for example: <"net" isn't a valid display filter: "192.168.1110.0./24" was unexpected in this context>. Anyone out there with a clue what's wrong with this expression?

Thx & Bye Tom

1: vmnet-sniffer -e -w vmnet8.pcap vmnet8

asked 23 Jun '14, 02:55

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As per the filter page you referenced, that syntax is for capture filters. As you already have a capture you need a display filter.

In your particular case the display filter would be ip.src== and ip.dst==

You might also note that Wireshark 1.8.4 is quite old, 1.10.8 is the current stable release with 1.12 coming real soon now.

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answered 23 Jun '14, 03:02

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Life could be so easy if you look into the right manual, thanks a lot. Because the version I thought that I installed Wireshark for a couple of month ago but you are right, there is a version 1.10 available. I will update Wireshark after this job, also thanks for that.

Bye Thomas

(23 Jun '14, 03:22) Thomas Wildg...

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