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When viewing erspan packets in wireshark, I get malformed packets. The packet are good, but wireshark is not interpreting the packet correct.

Packet is formed : EtherII - ip - gre - erspan - etherII - IP - ipdata The first etherII has a trailer of 32 bytes, which is odd the ip headers have the correct 'total length', taking into account the extra 32 bytes of the (etherII-ip-gre-erspan) headers the last ip header shows the correct length, the same as the original packet before encapsulation.

ex an ICMP packet: the ipdata portion of the original ip packet 80 bytes total length with 20bytes header, leaving 60 bytes for the icmp packet. Icmp has an 8 byte header, leaving 52 bytes of data, but wireshark reports 20 bytes, which is 32 bytes too short

I guess this is a bug in wireshark parsing, put I'm not sure how to report it


asked 25 Jun '14, 07:02

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Second entry from Google search of "wireshark bugs", on the wiki: Reporting Bugs.

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answered 25 Jun '14, 08:35

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Link to the bugreport It is not a Wireshark bug, but a Cisco bug.

(08 Dec '14, 14:23) PieterL
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