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see search request and responses display filter


i am trying to see ldap search requests for the telephonenumber attribute and the responses so i can see the service response time statistics when a certain attribute is searched on. to find the search frames i would use "ldap.attributeDesc contains "phone"" but is it possible to also display the frame listed in "response_in"?

asked 27 Jun '14, 12:05

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Unfortunately, no. You can create another filter afterwards, which includes the response's frame number in an or'ed argument - i.e., "(ldap.attributeDesc contains "phone") or (frame.number == 12)" type of thing, but nothing more elegant than that as far as I know.

There have been other posts asking for this ability, but it's not easy to change the code to make this happen generically without bizarre/undesired side-effects. Some protocols have a specific ability to do this for certain cases - for example NFS has a preference to enable "fhandle" field display filter matching of both the request and response even if the field only exists in one or the other - but most protocols don't.

answered 27 Jun '14, 13:40

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It can be done but it's a bit of work. You need to use MATE to do it.

See the example MATE configuration file I posted on this answer for an idea. When I have that MATE config set up I can filter on mate.diam_transaction.imsi==1234 (IIRC/something like that) and it'll show me both the Diameter Request and the associated Answer (even though the IMSI/User-Name is not present in the Answer).

answered 29 Jun '14, 05:48

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