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Display filter not filtering



i'm trying to filter some specific result from 100K packets by mac addr. i can see the mac addr under "Source" and i even let wireshark filter for me (apply as filter>selected), and still when i press apply it shows nothing.

i.e "eth.src == 00:0c:43:44:a1:a5" (yes, I Tx over eth not wlan)


asked 01 Jul '14, 02:58

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One Answer:


If you apply the following filter on the sample capture file below, do you see any frames?

eth.src == 00:0a:95:67:49:3c

Sample capture file:

Case #1:
If you see some frames, then something is wrong with your capture file or you chose the wrong mac address, or you are not using ethernet.

TODO: Please post a sample capture file that should contain the mac address you mentioned. You can post it on google drive, dropbox or

Case #2:
If you don't see any frames with the sample file, then something is wrong with your Wireshark installation.

TODO: Please post

  • OS and OS version
  • Wireshark version


answered 01 Jul '14, 04:15

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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problame was half solved. worked when i used == <some mac="" addr="">


(01 Jul '14, 07:33) AranZaiger