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I'd like to copy my collection of Profiles from my main machine to all the other machines where I run Wireshark (home, office, laptops, VMs ...)

And I've done that -- copied it to an OS X laptop.

Wireshark loads ... but the Profile menu in the lower right-hand corner isn't visible. And when I start capturing, I can see nothing but the top menu bar: no packets scrolling by ... I can access the menus, stop and restart capture and so forth, but at no time do I see packets ... the Wireshark window displays a dismal, uniform grey, with no features anywhere, other than the menu choices at the top.

I've tried converting the contents of ~/.wireshark as follows: cd .wireshark find . | xargs dos2unix

No change in Wireshark GUI behavior.

I've tried reverting to the original .wireshark folder, then copying a single Profile over. That works ... Wireshark remains functional ... but as soon as I select that profile and start capturing, I return to the 'dismal grey screen'.

Is anyone else sharing Profiles between different operating systems?


Stuart Kendrick

asked 01 Jul '14, 11:45

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Are the Wireshark versions the same across your machines? Are the OSes the same? Have you tried restarting Wireshark after changing a profile? Also, note that 1.11.x versions would crash upon switching profiles (not sure if this also applied to 1.10.x), this is fixed in 1.12.x.

(01 Jul '14, 13:08) Lekensteyn
  • Yes, I'm using the same version of Wireshark (1.10.8) on both boxes
  • I quit Wireshark on both boxes before performing this copy
  • This phenomenon is sticky, in that having witnessed it, I can quit & restart Wireshark multiple times and continue to observe the same behavior
(01 Jul '14, 14:20) skendric

Regarding the 'dismal grey screen', can you check your preferences to see if you have "Update list of packets in real time" disabled? (It's under Edit -> preferences -> Capture). It seems like it might be disabled.

Other than that, you might want to check your preferences file and see which gui.* preferences have been changed from their default settings that might be causing the problem. (If a preference is set to its default value, it will be commented via #.) If possible, post your preference file, or at least the non-default preferences, so that someone can try to recreate what you're experiencing.

(01 Jul '14, 15:20) cmaynard ♦♦

OK, your pointer to the gui.* preferences has helped me make progress.

When I unzip my .wireshark.tar.gz file, I get ../profiles/{whatever}/recent files of course. They start out looking like this (I've deleted the comment lines for ease-of-reading):

gui.toolbar_main_show: TRUE gui.filter_toolbar_show: TRUE gui.wireless_toolbar_show: FALSE gui.airpcap_driver_check_show: TRUE gui.packet_list_show: TRUE gui.tree_view_show: TRUE gui.byte_view_show: TRUE gui.statusbar_show: TRUE gui.packet_list_colorize: TRUE

OK, now I run Wireshark, select one of my profiles (ARP), and whoom, I see this dismal grey screen. Open ../profile/ARP/recent ... and I see the following:

gui.toolbar_main_show: FALSE gui.filter_toolbar_show: FALSE gui.wireless_toolbar_show: FALSE gui.airpcap_driver_check_show: FALSE gui.packet_list_show: FALSE gui.tree_view_show: FALSE gui.byte_view_show: FALSE gui.statusbar_show: FALSE gui.packet_list_colorize: FALSE

If I quit Wireshark, change FALSE to TRUE, then re-open Wireshark, I see a normal screen, complete with toolbars and packet lists and so forth.

And if I then switch to Default then back to ARP ... works fine -- those TRUE strings stay TRUE.

That being said, I'm still not seeing my customized columns nor Filters ... although I can clearly see them in ../profiles/{whatever}/preferences


OK, after some futzing, I'm going to claim that the problem relates to line termination. Here is the sequence of steps I need to take to get this to work:

rm -rf .wireshark tar xvf cd .wireshark find . | xargs dos2unix

And then I'm fine -- no 'dismal grey screen', customized columns are visible, customized Filters are visible, things look peachy.

I have filed Bug 10272 to propose enhancing Wireshark under OS X to be agnostic to line termination characters. [Wireshark under Linux is already agnostic -- I can copy .wireshark there without trouble.]

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answered 10 Jul '14, 15:51

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