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I'm trying to get a specific revision (33624) of a specific version (1.1.2) of Wireshark. However, I'm still not able to find it.

It seems it is not in the repository as I searched under the tag section for Wireshark1.1.2 or V1.1.2 and no matches were found. I found it though in the Wireshark all versions but it seems (from the svnversion.h file contained in the downloaded version) it has revision number 27238 which is not the one that I want.

I know that by using "clone" I'll get the latest version of Wireshark but how can I get the specific version with the specific revision number that I need.

Thanks in advance.

asked 01 Jul '14, 14:54

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Once you have your clone, type

git checkout 7ca6e3a655ebe935a1470a51c6498f9c76161905

This is the revision corresponding to SVN revision 33624.

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answered 01 Jul '14, 15:08

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Pascal Quantin
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Thank you so much for your quick response!

I tried what you suggested and I got a folder named wireshark. after installing it, I found its version (1.5.0) in the about tab in the help menu. I tried to find the revision number (Just to double check the downloaded is revision number 33624) but I wasn't able to.

I checked svnversion.h file and found the following content only

/ #define SVNVERSION "" / / #define SVNPATH "" /

Do you know other place or way where I could check the revision number for what I just cloned and installed from git?

(01 Jul '14, 16:49) flora

This hash does correspond to SVN revision 33624. You can double check it by typing "git log -r 7ca6e3a655ebe935a1470a51c6498f9c76161905". The svn->git conversion is adding the subversion number in the comments.

svnversion.h cannot be generated properly has you are working on a git clone and not a subversion one. And by that time git support was not here.

It seems that the revision you asked for does not correspond to a commit in 1.1.X branch. You should double check which revision you need.

(01 Jul '14, 23:39) Pascal Quantin

Thanks for your explanation. In deed, I'm testing a five years old patch for Wireshark. In the patch file the mentioned revision number is (336424). In a related README file about it, the patch's author mentioned wireshark version 1.1.2 revision number (27128). I've these two questions now:

Q1: Are the revision numbers unique across all branches? Is it possible for a specific number to represent two different commits in two different branches?

Q2: How did you get that hash? Is it complicated to get it? It seems that I need to get also the commit that corresponds to revision number(27128)

Thank you so much your are saving me a lot of time!

(02 Jul '14, 01:53) flora

subversion revision numbers are unique within a repository, so two branches within the same repository cannot have the same revision number. There is something wrong with this README file.

to search for a revision, the easiest is probably to launch gitk and type "27128" in the search box. it will highlight all the commits containing this string.

(02 Jul '14, 02:03) Pascal Quantin

SVN repository revision numbers are valid across the whole repository, i.e. all branches. They indicate a state of the repo.

Git hashes indicate "The hash of the git tree that represents the whole repository at the time of the commit". See

In Jan 2014 we moved from svn to git, the git repo tracked the entire svn history as indicated by @Pascal.

(02 Jul '14, 02:12) grahamb ♦

Thanks Pascal and grahamb for your clear explanations. I like the gitk tool. I've never used it before and I found it useful.

(02 Jul '14, 15:39) flora

I've also just discovered git log --grep=<pattern> to use a regular expression for searching commit messages.

(03 Jul '14, 04:39) grahamb ♦
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