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I have PCAP files that contain SNMP traps from Oracle.

I have the MIB's and I have added the MIB's to the mibs directory c:/programs/wireshark/snmp/mibs. I have added the mibs to the list of modules under name resolution.

But Wireshark still doesnt resolve the varbinds in the trap.

I tried to add a new path to that directory (wouldnt have thought I would need to since its wiresharks default directory) but wireshark doesnt allow me to do that.

I have created a new directory but that didnt work either.

Getting really desperate. Can you please help and provide details guide to installing mibs?

cheers ............. Paul

asked 06 Jul '14, 08:53

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What version of wireshark are you using? Wireshark uses libsmi to parse miss. Libsmi can be really picky about the format of the mibs. Try running them trough the libsmi mib checker.

(06 Jul '14, 13:01) Anders ♦

is it possible to post a small sample capture file and the required MIB files on google drive or dropbox?

(08 Jul '14, 09:07) Kurt Knochner ♦

Hi Kurt

I dont have either set up however if you send me a mail to [email protected] I can reply with the files and mibs.

cheers ........... Paul

(08 Jul '14, 09:46) PaulSNZ


I would prefer if you could post the files somewhere (google drive, dropbox, etc.) and then post the link here, so everybody here gets a chance to look at the files.

If you don't want that, please take a look at my profile (click on my name) to get my e-mail address.


(08 Jul '14, 11:32) Kurt Knochner ♦
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