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Can I trace my xbox packets with wireshark and if so how do I do it please Sorry but my head is spinning trying to read this any chance of an idiot step by step guide my set up is an open reach modem to a plusnet finer router that goes to my PC and xbox one .I'm trying to trace packets and send record on to plusnet to sort my long standing latencey issues with Fifa 14,13 any help would be welcome you

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Take a look at this Wiki page, it should help:

Basically, you'll have to find a away to grab network packets from your setup. For that you either need a device that can provide copies of the packets it forwards (called SPAN port or monitor port), and I doubt your router can do that - check the manual if it does. Or, you can use a Network Switch that is manageable which has that feature and put it between router and XBox.

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