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I know how to access the preferences for wireshark from the preferences under edit menu . But I want to access the corresponding file to them. Based on my understanding for what is in the Wireshark User's Guide, It is supposed to be in /etc/wireshark.conf or $HOME/.wireshark/preferences. However, I'm not able to find it in there!

My questions why I don't have the "preferences" file in any one of these two places? where can I find it instead?

Note: I've installed Wireshark latest released version from source.


asked 19 Aug '14, 07:05

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From the Wireshark application menu: Help | About Wireshark, select the Folders tab and you should see the paths to the Personal and Global configuration directories.

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answered 19 Aug '14, 07:34

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grahamb ♦
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This doesn't work for me too. I've got the error message: "Failed to open "/home/flora/.wireshark". Error when getting information for file '/home/flora/.wireshark': No such file or directory."

(19 Aug '14, 09:19) flora

That would suggest the wireshark executable doesn't have the required privileges to open that directory.

Odd, and unfortunately now out of my realm of competence.

(19 Aug '14, 09:28) grahamb ♦

Thanks grahamb. It seems it does because When I do, ls -l /usr/local/bin/wireshark I get: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 8687638 Aug 18 17:18 /usr/local/bin/wireshark

I only can find 'recent' and 'recent_common' but not 'preferences' file

(19 Aug '14, 15:45) flora

Try modifying the preferences in Wireshark and clicking OK. That may then save a new preferences file.

(20 Aug '14, 01:23) grahamb ♦

What user are you running Wirshark as? What are the permissions on /home/flora/ and /home/flora/.wireshark/ ?

(20 Aug '14, 07:08) JeffMorriss ♦

Thanks grahamb and JeffMorriss! the problem has solved itself somehow. I'm not really aware how as all what I did is rebuild wireshark again and I found the 'preferences' file along with 'recent' and 'recent_common' files.

(25 Aug '14, 16:56) flora
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