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Hi. During search period to find an video streaming error, I arrive this error: (Wireshark.exe:11980): Glib-ERROR - , gmem.c:llO: fo il•d to allocate 8388608 bytes

To me, it seems to occur the same error after run this application for a while, approx- 2-5 minutes. How to analyze this, and find a solution to fix?


asked 08 Sep '14, 18:44

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Wireshark is failing to allocate around 8 Gbytes of memory. That's a fairly (but not completely unreasonably) large chunk of memory. I'd say your system is running out of memory (rather than, say, running into a bug which is causing Wireshark to try to allocate a ridiculously large amount of memory).

You could try upgrading to the latest release if you're not already on it (1.12.0) to see if that helps, otherwise, see the linked page for some hints which can reduce Wireshark's memory usage.

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answered 09 Sep '14, 10:39

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The mainboard, Asus X79 deluxe are supplied with 64Gb DDR3 RAM. System suing at this moment 11,6Gb, stranger to me why this failure occur, thinking flush of memory available for use to Sharwire. My 6 core CPU and Intel SSD together shod make this task as easily to match. I try to check my version, but I for sure it shod be the latest one.

(09 Sep '14, 13:54) Roof-55

Are you running a 32- or 64-bit version of Wireshark? (wireshark -v or tshark -v will tell you that as well as the version)

It could be you're not running out of system memory but just process address space. You could also watch how much memory is in use by Wireshark at the time of the crash.

(09 Sep '14, 14:17) JeffMorriss ♦
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