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I want to add a new file that will enhance existing protocol - BACnet. The file will contain proprietary services analysis. When i add code, it does not get compiled. Which files do i need to modify to compile this file?

asked 19 Apr '11, 10:47

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You need to add your files to lists in several locations under the source tree. You will need to make changes in all of the following files if you are compiling a plugin dissector, but you will not need all of them if you are building your dissector into Wireshark directly (obviously YMMV, but I successfully build plugins after changing these lists; paths are relative to the top of the source tree):

  • CMakeLists.txt (around line 360) [Built-in, Plugin]
  • (around line 1770) [Built-in, Plugin]
  • (around line 267 [Built-in, Plugin]
  • epan/ (around line 190) [Built-in, Plugin]
  • plugins/Makefile.nmake (around line 15) [Plugin]
  • plugins/ (around line 30) [Plugin]
  • packaging/nsis/Makefile.nmake (around line 48) [NSIS]
  • packaging/nsis/wireshark.nsi (around line 875) [NSIS]

Line numbers approximate; most of these are related to building a plugin or creating the Windows installer package, but you should be able to find where you need to make changes from this. Remember to check the README.* files under doc/ for your version specific needs.

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answered 19 Apr '11, 11:23

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edited 19 Apr '11, 12:58

I am not adding any new PlugIn. so i have modified only CMakeLists.txt. but still it does not compile the newly added file. as it does not create obj file. I saw other files mentioned here, but i do not think that i need to change. Am I missing something?

(19 Apr '11, 12:51) dsprabhu4

@dsprabhu4 I've updated the list with what the edits are for. You will need to edit the files in the list marked Built-in to compile your dissectors.

(19 Apr '11, 12:59) multipleinte...

Thanks. I am able to compile.

(19 Apr '11, 14:02) dsprabhu4
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