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I have below AVP's added in avp.xml

<avp name="Subscriber_Category" code="1003" vendor-id="Comviva" mandatory="must" protected="mustnot" may-encrypt="yes" vendor-bit="must"> <type type-name="Unsigned32"/> </avp>

still i am getting AVP as unknown .

I am using tshark to read pcap and am using -z for diameter protocol . i am unable to get that AVP as it is a unknown AVP .

will tshark supports AVP's of Vendor other than 3GPP?

BR, Ankamma

asked 10 Sep '14, 06:50

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JeffMorriss ♦

hi ,

i have two files dictionary,vendor_avp.xml .

dictionary file is like below:

# # Vendor-Specific attributes use the SMI Network Management Private # Enterprise Code from the "Assigned Numbers" RFC (currently RFC 1700) # # # You need to activate a VSA mode on your box to get these attributes # in accounting records #

VENDOR          3GPP            10415
ATTRIBUTE       3GPP-IMSI                                          1        string         3GPP
ATTRIBUTE       3GPP-ChargingID                                         2        integer        3GPP
ATTRIBUTE       3GPP-PDPType                                            3        integer        3GPP
ATTRIBUTE       3GPP-Charging-Gateway-Address                           4        string         3GPP
ATTRIBUTE       3GPP-SGSN-Address                                       6        ipaddr         3GPP
ATTRIBUTE       3GPP-GGSN-Address                                       7        ipaddr         3GPP
ATTRIBUTE       3GPP-IMSI-MCC-MNC                                       8        string         3GPP
ATTRIBUTE       3GPP-GGSN-MCC-MNC                                       9        string         3GPP
ATTRIBUTE       3GPP-NSAPI                                                      10       string         3GPP

and vendor_avp.xml is like below:

<base uri="">
    <vendor vendor-id="3gpp" code="10415" name="ietf"/>
    <vendor vendor-id="Comviva" code="40136" name="Comviva"/>
    <vendor vendor-id="Ericsson" code="193" name="Ericsson"/>
<vendor vendor-id="Cisco" code="9" name="Cisco"/>
    <vendor name="Huawei" code="2011" vendor-id="Huawei"/>
<vendor vendor-id="ietf" code="0" name="ietf"/>

<application id="16777238" name="3GPP Gx" uri="">

            <!-- Comviva Starts  -->

            <avp name="Comviva-Package_ID" code="1001" vendor-id="Comviva" mandatory="mustnot" protected="mustnot" may-encrypt="yes" vendor-bit="must">
                    <type type-name="UTF8String"/>

             <avp name="Parent_NAI" code="1002" vendor-id="Comviva" mandatory="mustnot" protected="mustnot" may-encrypt="yes" vendor-bit="must">
             <type type-name="UTF8String"/>

please let me know where to add Entity exactly. please share give me your mail id so that i can mail complete files.

BR, Ankamma

(10 Sep '14, 09:34) ankamma

Look in dictionary.xml at the other files that are loaded into it. For example, these are the lines relevant to loading SKT.xml:

    <!ENTITY SKT            SYSTEM "SKT.xml">
(10 Sep '14, 11:09) JeffMorriss ♦

To add a new .xml file you neeed to update the ENTITY list in dictionaty.xml and also add it at the bottom of the file( Compare with say HP.xml) For the vendor-id You need to add Comviva to the vendor list.

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answered 10 Sep '14, 07:38

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Anders ♦
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by adding below lines it is working fine and am able to get AVP names in wireshark(windows).

but how to achieve the same in tshark(linux)? where to add Entity in Linux?

[[email protected] tmp]# tshark -r /tmp/Gx_dump1.pcap -d 'tcp.port==3870,diameter' -R "diameter.cmd.code==272 and diameter.flags.request==0" -z "diameter,avp,272,CC-Request-Type,CC-Request-Number,Session-Id,Subscription-Id-Data,Rating-Group,Result-Code,Session-Id,Custom_Result_Code" tshark: -R without -2 is deprecated. For single-pass filtering use -Y. tshark: Couldn't register diam,csv tap: Filter "diameter||diameter.CC-Request-Type||diameter.CC-Request-Number||diameter.Session-Id||diameter.Subscription-Id-Data||diameter.Rating-Group||diameter.Result-Code||diameter.Session-Id||diameter.Custom_Result_Code" is invalid - "diameter.Custom_Result_Code" is neither a field nor a protocol name.

BR, Ankamma

(10 Sep '14, 23:06) ankamma


i got it working by adding entity in the same way

(10 Sep '14, 23:16) ankamma

Glad you got it working.

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(11 Sep '14, 06:05) JeffMorriss ♦
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