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Please help me, actually i've a one "Capture.pcap" file and this file open in wireshark software but after open lots of rows are showing in the wireshark and i'm confuse how to get a response on particular request, or how to show the data like :- eg. row by row 1. request row 2. response row 3. request row 4. response row

if is it possible, so please help me.

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asked 15 Sep '14, 03:03

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Guy Harris ♦♦

Based on your reference to "request" and "respone", I assume you are talking about HTTP on port 80 (as opposed to HTTPS, or a different port). It's not exactly clear what you are after, but try using the simple display filter "http". That should collapse all the rows down to only show you HTTP request/response packets. If you want to see the actual data in ASCII, you can right-click any packet of the TCP stream and select "Follow TCP Stream".

(15 Sep '14, 06:13) smp

Are you trying to study one particular protocol? Can you tell us a bit about the problem you are investigating?

(15 Sep '14, 11:01) PaulOfford

Again, what protocol is are the requests and responses? For some protocols, Wireshark will match requests and responses and, in the detailed discussion, and sometimes in the Info column in the packet summary, it will say something such as "this is a response to frame 3". If that's not happening, perhaps Wireshark needs to be enhanced to make it happen.

(15 Sep '14, 22:27) Guy Harris ♦♦
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