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Hello everyone, I'm a newbie regarding wireshark so accept my apologies in advanced if this is too obvious

I'm on linux/C++ trying to perform a blunt/raw dlopen of a wireshark dissector ( It compiles perfectly but when it's executed this exception arises:

Exception: /usr/lib/wireshark/plugins/ undefined symbol: dissector_add_uint

Well, I'd really appreciate any hints 'cause I'm really lost


asked 17 Sep '14, 11:29

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Guy Harris ♦♦

What version of Wireshark is this?

(17 Sep '14, 12:17) Guy Harris ♦♦

And by "blunt/raw dlopen", do you mean that you're trying to dlopen the .so in your own program?

(17 Sep '14, 12:18) Guy Harris ♦♦

It's wireshark 1.8.2-1, and yes I'm doing a dlopen in my program

(17 Sep '14, 12:36) jlseminara

Wireshark plugin dissectors use APIs from libwireshark, so if you're going to use a plugin dissector, you're going to have to link your program with libwireshark - they're not usable (and are not intended to be usable) from a random program.

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answered 17 Sep '14, 12:47

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Guy Harris ♦♦
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Thank you Guy, I'm already linking against libwireshark, but now I believe the problem is that the dissector ( is linked against wireshark-1.8.2-1 and my libwireshark is version 1.10

I believe that could be a problem :O

(17 Sep '14, 12:58) jlseminara

Yes, the APIs change from major release to major release, so a plugin built against Wireshark 1.M.x won't necessarily work with Wireshark 1.N.x or a program linked with its libraries. In particular, dissector_add() was renamed in 1.10 to dissector_add_uint() to parallel dissector_add_string() and to indicate that it's specifically for dissectors that register in a table of unsigned integer values.

(17 Sep '14, 13:07) Guy Harris ♦♦
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