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Hey folks, new here, looking for a little guidance from you seasoned vets..

Let me start by saying that on page 80 of Ms Chappell's "Troubleshooting With Wireshark" book, she explains some common areas where we would see normal delays. Specifically, GET requests.

I'm analyzing a capture that has some web traffic in it, and I have some VERY HIGH TCP delta times on some HTTP POST events going from workstation to server (source is workstation, dest is server).

My question is.. are HTTP POSTs the same as GETs in that there can be background delays that may not be the cause of the end user's issue? Or would a delay in a POST action directly affect their experience?

If I knew more about the application in question, I might be able to answer that myself, but I'm not a web guy, and the support staff that works with this application is unavailable.

asked 03 Oct '14, 09:22

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GET, POST and other HTTP actions are initiated by the browser. Which means that when it takes a while for the next action to be sent, the user simply read the page or did other things.

What you need to look for is how fast stuff is coming back from the server when those actions are sent, so look for the delta time between the GET/POST and the start of the content. HTTP is request/response, so the server has to wait for the user to ask for something.

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answered 03 Oct '14, 09:28

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Got it, thank you

(03 Oct '14, 11:54) robotfish1911
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