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I was investigating a very intermittent slowness issue of a web application where I see one of my static file (this is not fixed file like for example some time x.js and some time y.css) gets hung up for 8 minute around. I see this (8 minute )time in fiddler request statistics where serverconnected time is displayed almost after 8 minute of client done request. Although looking On server I find sever serves the file in milliseconds after receiving request( 8 minute later from client request).

On further looking at fiddler I found that slow request try to reuse the existing connection and it fails after 8 minute around and make new connection. I am not sure if 8.2 minute is some time out value of anything.

I took the tcpdump of that scenario and looking at expert info where I found this request in chat tab and It is showing two frames.On "Follow TCP stream" for First frame I see request is listed but no response below that.

Can some one get some idea about probable reason (or debugging info ) of where the request was hung. is it Tcp connection time out ? or something else . Any help will be appreciated.

asked 11 Oct '14, 14:46

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Can some one get some idea about probable reason (or debugging info ) of where the request was hung.

without looking at the capture file? Well .... if I was able to do that, I could probably earn a lot of money through, let's call it "remote viewing" ;-)

Seriously: The (most plausible) reason why nobody answered your question yet is this: You are not providing enough information to give any meaningful answer. So, if you want anybody to dive further into this, please upload the capture file somewhere and post the link here. Then add some details about the TCP stream (in the capture file) that could be "problematic" based on your analysis (IP/ports/stream number), etc.

After all: I'm sure you'll find somebody here who is able to help you with that :-)


(21 Oct '14, 07:06) Kurt Knochner ♦
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