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According to the Howto here I can just open the Wireshark.exe and debug it in VisualStudio,
but the debugging option is greyed out.
Can anyone help me?

asked 15 Oct '14, 07:38

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grahamb ♦

Now I found a way:

  • Compiled wireshark on the usual way.
  • Started the "wireshark-gtk2\Wireshark.exe".
  • Opened the source file I wanted to debug.
  • Now I clicked on the "Anhängen" option (in english maybe someting like ~"Append to process").
  • Then I choose the wireshark.exe from the process list and confirmed.
  • Now it was possible to debug mostly as I was already used it from Visual Studio.

But some bugs seems to occure:
- If you set an breakpoint to an "if" or "switch" you cannot see the value of compared variables, also this is not possible in the if/switch block itself. But it works if you set the breakpoint at least one step before the if or switch command.
- I am note sure, but I think sometimes the "Einzelschritt" (~"go one step") does not work, it seems that it jumps several steps.

(16 Oct '14, 01:01) lal12

Ensure to compile Wireshark without optimization. Edit config.nmake and remove the /O2 flag from LOCAL_CFLAGS. Then clean the objects and recompile.

(16 Oct '14, 02:50) Pascal Quantin

Works for me with VS 2013 Pro

  • Start Visual Studio.
  • From the File | Open | Project/Solution ... menu, open the wireshark executable in yourbuilddir\wireshark-gtk\Wireshark-gtk.exe or yourbuilddir\wireshark-qt-release\Wireshark.exe
  • F5 or Debug | Start Debugging
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answered 15 Oct '14, 09:00

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Well, it does not work for me. I also have VS 2013 Pro installed, but when I open the file the only available option in the debug menu is "An den Prozess anhängen" (~"concat on the process", probably wrong translated).
It is a german installation, so I do not know how it is called in english, but maybe you see what I mean in the picture below.
I tried all combinations of calling the "SetEnv.cmd" (Debug x86, Debug x64, Release x86, Release x64),
but it is the same every case.

alt text

(16 Oct '14, 00:05) lal12

You haven't followed the instructions properly, you have opened Wireshark.exe as a "File", e.g. the following menu op; File | Open | File, or "Ctrl + O", probably not helped by my instructions being in English and your VS running in German.

Reread the instructions above or use the "Ctrl + Shift + O" shortcut.

(16 Oct '14, 03:55) grahamb ♦

An image of the required operation:

alt text

(16 Oct '14, 03:57) grahamb ♦

Ok thx, I found that by myself after a while. But removing the O2 flag helped.

(16 Oct '14, 04:31) lal12

Actually debugging optimised code is a separate question I think.

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(16 Oct '14, 04:38) grahamb ♦
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