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Hi Trying to find an explanation for a slow network response, I installed the wireshark sniffer. When I opened a web page I see that multiple syn packets are being sent to the web server, in less tan 0.005 seconds. Any idea why this happens ? alt text

asked 29 Oct '14, 17:20

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This is because your browser wants to have multiple parallel sessions to the server to speed up communication. In your case 6 sessions are started right away - I think this is the default for Chrome In Mozilla you can control this in about:config

Regards Matthias


   In the mean time, applications have responded to TCP's "slow" start.
   Web sites use multiple sub-domains [Bel10] to circumvent HTTP 1.1
   regulation on two connections per physical host [RFC2616]. As of
   today, major web browsers open multiple connections to the same site
   (up to six connections per domain [Ste08] and the number is growing).
   This trend is to remedy HTTP serialized download to achieve
   parallelism and higher performance.
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answered 29 Oct '14, 23:10

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Thanks a lot

(30 Oct '14, 08:04) Alzav
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