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i have a new smart tv from philips with last firmware but it doesn't connect to my router (sitecom wl-154) it only says failed to connect

my router doesn't have wps and is using wpa2 psk aes (rsna-psk ccmp) 802.11g wireshark show key 1, 2 and then again 1,2 for some times but never 3 or 4 with other router tv connects succesfully (other has wps but i haven't used it) (onda communication PN51T) (also wpa 2 psk aes) every device works on my router (wl-154) (pc, xbox, nintendo ds, mobile phone...) but tv not so is not a router problem but... tv works with other router so is not tv...

the only difference that i found is that every device that i use authenticate with 802.1x-2001 but tv uses 802.1x-2004 (from wireshark) maybe my router doesn't support 2004?? and other router has wps (and a nice wps vulnerability: you set wps push button in settings but pin is never disabled and is fixed to 12345670 so reaver crack it in 5 sec... '-_-)

someone has a solution?

asked 31 Oct '14, 13:18

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someone has a solution?

This sounds like a firmware problem with your TV set or your router, so there is nothing Wireshark or the community can do for you!

Please contact the vendor support of the TV set and ask them for a firmware update.


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answered 02 Nov '14, 04:33

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that is what i think too i think is a tv problem since every device can connect to my router and every device can set static ip, certificate for wpa2 enterprise tv is limited in settings (there is static ip but you can't select it)

(02 Nov '14, 10:24) dohuff
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