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Hi People,

I assume this is just a limitation of the Pi, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I have added a TeckNet USB Ethernet Adapter to my Pi. I have set up a bridge with the first card and it works fine. I can Start tshark on bri0 and that goes great. I am connecting the the Pi with Putty and running tshark with a "host IP not broadcast and not multicast"filter.

After around 4 or 5 minutes however the bridge freezes up, the laptop I am sending over the bridge loses connection and 2 seconds later the Pi freezes and requires a hard reset.

If I do this without Putty, it goes longer, but freezes anyway. Has anyone else got this working long term? I have already stopped X from loading to save memory. Raspian is the OS, it does not matter whether I output to file or just to console. I am just trying to make an affordable inline box to cut before printers, lan shares and the like.

I am not noticing any untoward usage of memory, so I am thinking something else is leaking..

asked 02 Nov '14, 05:10

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I have added a TeckNet USB Ethernet Adapter to my Pi.
2 seconds later the Pi freezes and requires a hard reset.

sounds like a kernel freeze, either due to hardware or software (driver) problems. You should try to nail down the problem by eliminating possible trouble sources:

Use a different USB Ethernet adapter. If the system still freezes, it's rather likely that there is a problem with the Pi hardware or the kernel/drivers. In that case, try a different kernel.

BTW: Does that happen if you are not running tshark/tcpdump on the bridge interface?


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answered 02 Nov '14, 05:56

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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so, I just ran it through for 5 Hours straight without tshark, just with the bridge active and doing random things every now and then. works fine, connected using eth0; I have also tshark running direct on the Pi NIC (bridge disabled and usb card gone) also no problems. Looks like it really could be a driver problem. I'll enable debugging later on maybe.

It's also only got the standard wireshark / tshark installs from the repository. I'll see if ther is something newer available.

Edit: Added card info (eth0 Pi interface / eth1 usb Interface)

(02 Nov '14, 13:25) DarrenWright

WIll look further at the driver setup for Raspian. I have connected the adapter to a laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 and setup the same bridge. It works fine there.

I will mark Kurts as correct answer, not sure if itt is kernel though. probably more the driver itself.

(06 Nov '14, 00:23) DarrenWright
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