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Hi, I need to find the switch info for a series of devices connected to a cisco switch. I have limited time in the suite, so I need to be able to plug into the jack the device uses, and ID the switch name, port number/ module number that the device is connecting to. Can I just to a CDP capture? I've tried but the I dont see the switch info.

asked 10 Nov '14, 07:26

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Maybe I'm missing something, but can't you just pull the jack and make note of what port on the switch goes into a down/down state? Are you able to log into the switch?

(10 Nov '14, 22:07) Quadratic

you can try the show lldp nei

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answered 10 Nov '14, 07:57

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Upload a capture file with the CDP capture, and maybe someone can help you. You cannot upload directly to, so upload your capture file somewhere and post a link to the file. A good choice is Dropbox or Google Drive will work as well.

(10 Nov '14, 08:53) Jim Aragon

Yeah, I'm wondering if my Laptop Symantec AV/firewall wasn't letting CDP/lldp traffic through..

(10 Nov '14, 12:18) wildbob

Thanks folks, I ended up just having one of the folks from network eng search by my MAC address and IP, and find out where I was plugging into.. I couldn't log into the switch, and had to be in and out of these rooms (medical procedure rooms)as fast as possible

(12 Nov '14, 06:50) wildbob

With most managed switches you can either enable CDP or LLDP at the switch. But you will need to wait 30 seconds to 1 minute to see these being broadcasted. Just make sure you have Wireshark in promiscuous mode and no firewall on your capture device.

(12 Nov '14, 14:09) martyvis
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