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I am just trying to troubleshoot some SMB Slowness, My Filter i'm running is smb2.nt_status > 0 or smb.nt_status > 0 and obviously we are getting some results.

Locking AndX Response, FID: 0xc036, Error: STATUS_LOCK_NOT_GRANTED

You get a couple of these and just wondering how you would troubleshoot this?

asked 13 Nov '14, 04:56

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I'm not too good on SMB 1 but I'll give it a go. You'll need a trace of traffic in and out of the file server; a trace from the PC having the problem won't contain what you need.

The client is using a Locking AndX Request to attempt to lock a range of bytes in a file. It seems another client already has a lock on bytes within that range. Look at the file id value in the SMB header of the failing request. Wireshark should give you the name of the file. If it doesn't the trace probably wasn't started early enough. Wireshark will get the details when the file was opened with an NT Create AndX Request.

Do you expect many processes or clients to share that file?

To find who has a lock on the file, filter for Locking AndX Requests. Do you have other clients (identified by IP address and port number) locking against the same file? Note to check the file by name as the file id for an open file on one SMB session won't be the same as that on another.

If you need share information for the file, check the tree id value. Again Wireshark should give you the share name from the Tree Connect.

Best regards...Paul

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answered 13 Nov '14, 15:38

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Brilliant thank you i'll give it a go

(14 Nov '14, 00:59) AlexYoungZ
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