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I am looking this page:

I read the following chapter 2.2.16. Optional: Create a Wireshark Installer to create a Wireshark installer.

However, I get an error that saying:

File: "....\wireshark-qt-release*qm" -> no files found

Then it is giving and Nmake: fatal error U1077:

I can build wireshark and also work with it, however I cannot make an installer.

What am I missing? How can I put there that qm files that the script wants?

asked 25 Nov '14, 23:02

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grahamb ♦

If you are building without Qt support comment out these lines in packaging/nsis/Makefile.nmake

!IF EXIST("....\wireshark-qt-release\wireshark.exe")

/DQT_DIR="....\wireshark-qt-release" \


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answered 26 Nov '14, 01:17

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Anders thanks for answer but, I am building with QT. I solve this issue as following. I copy files below and rerun all process:








It works. I managed to get an installer file of Wireshark. However, I do copy these files by hand. So, my problem is why do I need to copy them by hand. Why do not script does that process?

(26 Nov '14, 01:38) BirolCapa

I don't think it does work for you. The wireshark_*.qm files are the binary language files produced when compiling the qt version and are linked into the Wireshark.exe binary so NSIS doesn't know (or need to) know about them.

What NSIS is looking for though, is the qt standard .qm files, e.g. qt_*.qm, that are copied into the wireshark-qt-release directory by the qt tool windeployqt which is run as part of the build process. There have been problems with the this tool in versions of QT < 5.3.

What version of QT are you building with?

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answered 26 Nov '14, 05:26

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grahamb ♦
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I am using Qt-5.1.1-MSVC2010-win64-ws version.

I can debug both QT and GTK variants of Wireshark Visual Studio 2010. When I debug Wireshark with Visual Studio I see that above files are here: ..\build\ui\qt

Today I decided to make a setup file.Then I build Wireshark as told in While I was trying to create a setup file I encountered with this problem. But I remember that these files are already in ..\build\ui\qt. I copied it. And successfully the setup script worked well and now setup also works well.

But I want to learn the proper way not the workaround.

(26 Nov '14, 05:33) BirolCapa

For QT-5.1.1, windeployqt doesn't exist, so there has to be an explicit copy of the files. This should be done in the qmake file. Unfortunately it isn't, and unlikely to be so as there is no further Wireshark QT dev planned with VS2010 and QT < 5.3.

Is there any reason you can't move to VS2013 (the Community Edition is free) and also move up to at least QT 5.3?

(26 Nov '14, 06:35) grahamb ♦

Thank you for your answer Graham. No actually, I am a newbie, therefore I do all steps that written at following link: Thats actually why I use Vs2010 and QT < 5.3. But now I get a little bit experience, so I think I can move to VS2013. But I am afraid that if I become a newbie again when I move to VS2013 :)

(27 Nov '14, 22:25) BirolCapa

I have changes planned for the Dev Guide to move up to VS2013, but haven't quite finished them yet. See my answer to this question for how I do it.

(28 Nov '14, 01:54) grahamb ♦
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