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I do not understand one point about Wireshark sources? Which release I must work on if I am trying to update a plugin then make a setup for my purposes?

For example, I want to update profinet plugin, and make a setup that is so called "Wireshark 1.12.3_birol.exe"?

So, should I checkout "" (origin->master)? But according to this source code, this source's version is 1.99.1 which means this is a development version. Therefore, while I am trying to give a version code what should I give a version code such as 1.12.3?

And also Which version is more stable: This source("" (origin->master)) or Stable Release 1.12.2?

asked 01 Dec '14, 04:51

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For stable source code use a stable release, i.e. switch to the 1.12 branch. The master branch is the latest development code and always has a high rate of change.

Using command line git, try git checkout -b my_branch_name tags/wireshark-1.12.2. That will leave you in a branch (called my_branch_name) from the tagged 1.12.2 sources.

Note that as per the Wireshark Licence, if you distribute your version outside your company then you must make the source code available.

Is there any reason why you can't submit these changes to the Wireshark project so you don't have to maintain your separate copy?

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answered 01 Dec '14, 06:44

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grahamb ♦
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No Graham, I will submit my changes, there is no reason except that I am a newbie, and now I am trying to understand/learn how to compile/debug/build wireshark and how to create setup.

Now, I am able to get latest wireshark source, create a visual stuido solution that I can debug source code, I can also make some changes (these were just for training/learning) and create a setup, I can see that "my wireshark" setup can be installed to my pc and works well (my little addings are working too :))

So, now I come back to real world, I want to update a real plugin and want to share with community. But where to start?

For training I was working with this source (" (origin->master))

So, my question is if this is the right place, or should I work another place?

(01 Dec '14, 07:03) BirolCapa

For submission to Wireshark just use master. Read the info on the Wiki submission page in the link I posted in my reply.

(01 Dec '14, 07:10) grahamb ♦

Dear Graham, I am trying to understand and implement instructions at . At the "Setup" part, I could not managed to install Git as wiki. Should I install git as showing in the "setup" part However, I cannot manage, it is always saying bad file number. At the last step it gives : "ssh: connect to host port 29418: Bad file number" error. Can you help me about this issue?

(04 Dec '14, 05:53) BirolCapa

Can you check you're running the ssh from git, in your Powershell prompt:

>where.exe ssh

This should show the path as ...\Git\bin\ssh.exe

(04 Dec '14, 08:07) grahamb ♦

I'm not sure that the "fix" described in the GitHub article (use https) will work for Wireshark though.

(04 Dec '14, 15:47) grahamb ♦

Yes Graham, I was'nt running ssh from git, then I added it to Path, now powershell knows where git is and however, again same bad file number :(

(05 Dec '14, 03:40) BirolCapa

Try adding -v -v to the end of the ssh command line, and post the debug output back here.

(05 Dec '14, 04:06) grahamb ♦

Here is the result:

ssh -p 29418 [email protected] -v -v

OpenSSH_6.6.1, OpenSSL 1.0.1i 6 Aug 2014 debug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 0 debug1: Connecting to [] port 29418. debug1: connect to address port 29418: Attempt to connect timed out without establishing a connection ssh: connect to host port 29418: Bad file number

(05 Dec '14, 04:13) BirolCapa

OK, for whatever reason you're unable to connect to the remote ssh server. I just tried it and it's fine for me. Can you ping ?

(05 Dec '14, 04:19) grahamb ♦

Ok Graham, I cannot ping :) Now it is clear that I have to contact with my system administator, I think there is some rules that disables connections. Thank you very much for your help.

(05 Dec '14, 04:32) BirolCapa

Hi Graham, at least ssh and ping errors are handled :)

But now I tried to migrate visual studio 2013 for developing wireshark.

I tried to create a Visual Studio 2013 solution for tags\wireshark-1.12.2 source code, however, I get an cmake error.

CMake Error at C:/Program Files (x86)/CMake/share/cmake-3.1/Modules/FindPackageH andleStandardArgs.cmake:138 (message): Could NOT find GTHREAD2 (missing: GTHREAD2_LIBRARIES) Call Stack (most recent call first): C:/Program Files (x86)/CMake/share/cmake-3.1/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandard Args.cmake:374 (_FPHSA_FAILURE_MESSAGE) cmake/modules/FindGTHREAD2.cmake:48 (find_package_handle_standard_args) CMakeLists.txt:585 (find_package)

My QT is: Qt5.3.2 (msvc2013_64_opengl).

What is your opinion?

(16 Dec '14, 05:19) BirolCapa

Firstly CMake builds for Windows are still a work in progress and are not recommended, so use nmake as per the Developers Guide.

Secondly, the QT build in 1.12.2 is pretty basic, almost unusable, if you want the QT version you are much better off using 1.99.x, and living with the changes that happen on the development branch.

Using VS2013 is OK though, I've been building that way for over a year.

(16 Dec '14, 05:51) grahamb ♦
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