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Hi, I'm quite new to wireshark, so there probably is a simple answer to my question. However I can't seem to find it on my own...

I have two machines - (my laptop running windows7) and (an Ubuntu server). Wireshark runs on my laptop, as well as an Abyss webserver configured to listen to https on port 8080. On the Ubuntu server, I have Apache configured to listen on https on port 443.

When I connect with chrome from my laptop to the Apache server, I see a nice SSL Handshake procedure. However, when I try to do the opposit, i.e. connect with firefox from the Ubuntu machine to my Abyss webserver, I only get TCP traffic. If I type ssl in the filter dialog, it's empty. I still se the page though, and my certificate is in there as shown in the picture.

The reason I ask is that I have an "SSL Handshake problem" error on an embedded thingie I'm programming, and I would really need to troubleshoot this.

I wasn't allowed to upload pictures, but put two screenshots here: Screenshots

asked 09 Dec '14, 00:27

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webserver configured to listen to https on port 8080

Wireshark detects the protocols mainly (but not only) based on the ports. Port 8080 is not associated with SSL traffic, that's the reason why it's shown a TCP.

You have four options:

  • Edit -> Preferences -> Protocols -> HTTP -> SSL/TLS Ports and add 8080 to the list of ports: 443, 8080.

  • right click on any frame with port 8080 and choose "Decode as". Then select "TCP destination (8080)" and "SSL"

  • run your server on port 443 ;-)

  • use DNAT on the target server to translate only C:* -> S:443 to C:* -> S:8080 and then connect to the server via port 443 from the client ;-))))))))


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answered 09 Dec '14, 02:08

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Thank you! Number 1 did indeed solve the problem. As I am sure that the other more or less serious suggestions would do, now that I understand what's going on :-)

(09 Dec '14, 04:32) nanne


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(09 Dec '14, 06:20) grahamb ♦

As I am sure that the other more or less serious suggestions would do,

They are all serious suggestions! ;-) Just more work than the easy one :-)


(09 Dec '14, 06:34) Kurt Knochner ♦
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