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I have a large capture (185mg)of an excel file transfer across a wan connection from a windows file share to a windows laptop. the file takes a long time to transfer. It's using SMB2. After the data is transferred I see thousands of NBSS Continuation Messages. Trying to see if this is normal behavier. I'm not sure how NBSS is supposed to work

asked 10 Dec '14, 10:38

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SMB/SMB2 are designed for local file transfers. They are inefficient for transfers across a WAN. They are sensitive to latency. The higher the round-trip latency, the longer the transfer is going to take. FTP is a far more efficient protocol for transfers over a WAN, so you might try transferring the same file via FTP and see how long it takes. If the FTP transfer is quicker, the time difference is simply due to the difference in how the protocols operate. If the FTP transfer takes as long as the SMB2 transfer, then something else is going on.

If possible, post an actual capture file (assuming it does not contain confidential date) to Cloudshark or some other publicly accessible place and post a link to the file.

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answered 10 Dec '14, 11:33

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