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Hi all,

I am using Shrew soft as VPN client to establish VPN tunnel. The tunnel up and work properly. But, i used Wireshark (version 1.12.2) to capture and filter (only ISAKMP)- i only see outgoing packets not see incoming packets. Could you please help to this?

Sorry for my English, Thanks a lot,

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asked 30 Dec '14, 01:58

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Gấu Con
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I want to update:

OS: Windows 8 64bit Shrewsoft VPN client: 2.2.2 Wireshark: 1.12.2

Thanks a lot

(30 Dec '14, 02:07) Gấu Con

Wireshark on Windows is using WinPcap, which hooks itself into the windows networking stack to get frames. If the VPN client is "in front" of WinPcap, it will process the ISAKMP frames before WinPcap ever sees them. We have had reports about similar effects with all sort of security software (VPN clients, Endpoint Security, etc.) in the past. There isn't much you can do about it. If you need the ISAKMP traffic, you can

  • capture in front of your windows client, on a switch mirror port
  • try to use Microsoft Network Monitor, as it uses a different way to get network frames than WinPcap.


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answered 30 Dec '14, 04:06

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Kurt Knochner ♦
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Thank you very much for your info.!

(30 Dec '14, 18:14) Gấu Con
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answered 08 Jan '15, 00:25

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Alexis La Go...
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VPN client interference is a known issue, outside the realm of Wireshark unfortunately.

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answered 30 Dec '14, 03:53

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