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My DNS trace contains more than 1 'Answer RRs'. How do I extract 'Name' ( and 'Addr' (dns.resp.addr) field from each response & print it in same line as requested domain name. I tried using -Tfields -e "" -e "dns.resp.addr" but I don't get any response at all.

asked 15 Jan '15, 08:20

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Vijay Gharge
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I found issue. It is due to older version I could not print those fields. Thanks to Kali live linux CDs I found newer version !

After processing data using -T & -e options, I got request / response data on separate lines and then just wrote following bash script to map request & response on the same line.

for i in `cat Gn_ADNS1.txt`
        line=`echo $i`
        response_frame=`echo $line | awk -F',' '{ print $2}'`
        if [ ${#response_frame} -gt 0 ] ; then
                req=`cat Gn_ADNS1.txt | grep -w "^$response_frame"`
                echo "$req => $line"
#       else
#               echo "$line !="
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answered 08 Mar '15, 09:22

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Vijay Gharge
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edited 08 Mar '15, 09:24

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