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does wireshark player directly play g722 codec RTP trace

asked 23 Jan '15, 01:29

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No only G711 is supported as other codecs requires licenses.

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answered 23 Jan '15, 04:02

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Anders ♦
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Currently this is only possible if the SpanDSP has been compiled in.

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answered 23 Jan '15, 04:19

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Jaap ♦
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Hi Jaap, I have been trying to play g722 codec rtp stream for ever!!I even installed spandsp library and compiled it with config options but it doesnt work!!So i finally gaveup... Please let me know if i have to do anything specific even after installing spandsp because i spent a considerable amount of time on it and would love to see g722 playing in wireshark!!

(27 Jan '15, 23:38) koundi

Never done it mysefl, it would help if you stated what platform you build for.

(28 Jan '15, 12:01) Jaap ♦

I use ubuntu for building I made some minor changes to the code in codecs even after installing spandsp library I was the codecs were not being included which i presumed was because of the #ifdef so i uncommented them and tried running them but it dint work..I went through some queries in the mailing lists and i read one of yr answers on the version of spandsp that was being used then.I got that deom sourceforge and tried to run it my surprise that also did not work.Then i finally gaveup!

(04 Feb '15, 02:17) koundi

Wireshark does not yet support G.722 playback, but support for it is currently being worked on. You can track the status in

As for the licensing concern raised by Anders, apparently the patents have expired so you can freely use G.722. As Jaap mentioned, Spandsp is needed for G.722 playback, but it was not fully integrated yet (see above bug).

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answered 24 Nov '16, 09:44

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