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background: I am troubleshooting a intermittent performance problem we have with a Windows 7 client connecting to oracle 10g database running on a linux 2.4.x server. [ note: i do not have access to the server ]. the app runs once a day as a scheduled task on windows 7. it makes numerous queries to the database and all the queries complete within 1 minute. the longest query is always the first one and that normally it takes 1-2 seconds.

this will happen for several days. then for a few days the first query will take 9.7 minutes to return the results, all other queries return quickly. then it will return to normal.

as part of that troubleshooting i noticed:

  1. the following options were supported by the server during the handshake for the slow query: MSS, SACK, and WS (128)
  2. the following options were supported by the server during the handshake for the fast query: MSS.

What would cause a server to support SACK for some connections and not support it at another time for the same client. In both cases the options supported by the client were the same.

asked 24 Jan '15, 23:22

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